We Increase Our Strength in the United States Through Aksa Power Centers!

Aksa US organization is increasing its presence in the US with the regional sales & service office that has been located in New Jersey. Thereby, Aksa continues to be the uninterrupted power of America. Aksa Power Generation, aiming to become one of the Top-3 generator manufacturers in the world by 2025 and getting one step closer to that goal with its new strategies in America, carries on its corporate activities in this direction.

Aksa Power Center has advantageous position in order to utilize the potential opportunities in America due to its strategic location and Aksa has also created its organization there with an experienced staff which consists of leading experts from power generation sector. Thus, it continues to extend its influence area in line with its strategic goals as a global company. Aksa has UL-products and comprehensive after-sales solutions that can meet the requirements of the market with the diesel and gas engines in compliance with the EPA regulations as well as the carbon emission standards. Aksa has proved the quality of its products even in the most competitive market of the world with a broad customer portfolio from a wide variety of sectors.

Bringing together the vast market volume advantage of America with its corporate know-how and experience, Aksa has been involved into many successful projects with its tailor-made generator sets which can provide power for all types of applications. Showing its difference with a strong and technological background, Aksa Power Generation continues to implement its non-stop activities in many more application fields such as data centers, mines, airports, healthcare facilities, telecom and oil & gas by offering sector-specific solutions and taking its part in successful projects.
For detailed information please contact our sales team at sales@aksausa.com.