IGA Reference Project

IGA Project

IGA has chosen Turkey’s leading generator manufacturing company Aksa as the power supplier of Istanbul New Airport. Within the scope of the agreement which has been made with IGA, purchased 45 units of AP2500 model gensets (2500 kVA with Perkins engine) + other generators, which generates a total of 105 MW power for Istanbul New Airport. Aksa Power Generation is proud of offering services for Turkey’s largest airport project and the world’s largest airport project with its upgradable yearly passenger capacity to over 200 million passengers. IGA will have a 24/7 live infrastructure by having access to power with Aksa generators. In such a massive structure where the passengers comfortably get ready for their flights and hundreds of thousands of flights are being coordinated in the meanwhile, the power is one of the major requirements of this giant facility. Within the scope of the coordination Aksa has established with IGA, Aksa is performing an installation which is equivalent to a medium-scaled power plant. Aksa is supplying any power requirements of the airport with the generator sets which work synchronously with the mains electricity. With Aksa’s superior power generation capability, corresponding services are uninterruptedly operational. As Aksa Power Generation, we will deliver our best efforts and what this responsibility requires for the world’s largest airport project.

Data Center Generators

45 generators in total have been provided by Aksa Power Generation to be used at IGA Istanbul Airport, the largest airport project in the World which has begun to serve on October 29, 2018. The construction of this airport, built on an area of 1.3 million square meters, has been completed in 4 years.

AP2500 DCC Generators were requested for IGA Istanbul Airport’s data center. These generator sets were produced and installed in a very short time. The total energy provided to this data center, which is critical in airport and international air operations, is 96 MW. 

The generation of this large-scale power is activated in an incredibly short time such as 9 seconds. The data-center project with Aksa generators has been implemented in accordance with the Tier-III certificate and synchronization of the system is supported by Woodward 3500 controller.

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