Minimum Loss & Optimum Performance with Aksa TIER-4F Engine EPA Series

Nowadays, the ecosystem, which is being corrupted by the increasing population, causes an environmental pollution that negatively influences our future. Environmental pollution harms to all life forms on earth with the problems it creates. Moreover, soil pollution, noise pollution, water pollution and air pollution have already shown its direct or indirect negative effects on our lives.

Some countries have already been conducting various research and comprehensive studies that aim to prevent this air pollution to minimize the possible effects. One of them is the latest emission regulation by US Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board for new engines in off-road equipment, including power generating sets, construction, mining and agricultural equipment, and aquaculture applications.

Tier-4 Final engines are produced with a sensitivity to air pollution and they significantly reduce particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions at almost zero level. Aksa's TIER-4F engine EPA Series perform with a compliance to eco-friendly EPA and Tier-4F standards. These series are produced in accordance with gas emission regulations of environmentalist countries, as well as showing high performance in tough environmental conditions.

These generating sets are completely suitable for the US market. With EPA Tier-4F emission certificated Aksa John Deere (EPAJ) and Volvo (EPAV) branded diesel-engine series, Aksa offers generator sets at 10 different power nodes between 55kW and 600kW, while providing minimum carbon and particle emissions.

It is frequently used in construction sites, telecom stations, oil & gas facilities, mining fields, etc. with its trailer, VSS option and easy equipment feeding. It is also preferred by rental companies that use this type of product as a back-up power in case of an emergency, with the trailer providing easy transfer. If you ask how it differs from other series, it works at low noise level with its smart exhaust filter and requires Light Load Operation with automatic filter cleaning. As an addition to all these overwhelming advantages, since the PM (Particular Matter) level is low, it does not require a particle filter.

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