Aksa USA was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in West Monroe, LA. As a global leader in the standby power systems industry, Aksa Power Generation has brought our manufacturing strengths to America in order to be the high quality and competitive price leader within our market segment. Aksa Power Generation has been manufacturing industrial generators for over thirty years. In this time, we have become experts in the power generation industry. Today, utilizing 12 international branch offices, we manufacture roughly 40,000 industrial generators annually for global consumption.

Aksa USA has a heritage of being an organization that is on the cutting edge in the power generation industry. From UL 2200 certified to NFPA 110 compliant product and a wide range of mobile generators, we are conscious that we are in an ever changing and developing industry. Integrity in the industry is a major focus at Aksa USA.

Aksa USA’s ability to compliment your project needs and act as a value added partner is second to none. Aksa USA was built on a foundation of putting our clients first.

Aksa USA prides itself on establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. We are one of the fastest growing companies within the industry due to high customer satisfaction and a growing network in a wide variety of applications.

Engineering support is always an integral part of the services in the power generation industry. Aksa USA will guide you through projects to any level necessary in order to help accomplish your goals. This experience gives Aksa USA the edge when working on specifications.

Aksa USA can provide generator sizing assistance to ensure optimal equipment performance. We have the ability to serve a variety of industries wherever standby/prime power is needed.

Utilizing companywide skills and disciplines, Aksa USA can offer both traditional and non-traditional solutions to our clients.

Aksa Power Generation manufactures a wide variety of power generation systems, including both EPA and non EPA (50Hz/60Hz) generator sets. Aksa USA’s product line ranges from 9kW to 2,000kW diesel generators and 15kW to 425kW natural gas generators. The product line also consists of automatic transfer switch solutions, UL142/UL2085 fuel tanks and an assortment of accessories.


Aksa Power Generation manufactures gasoline, diesel, natural gas and marine generating sets, lighting towers and generating sets hardware. Aksa is one of the biggest generating sets manufacturer of the world with its continuous investments.


Kazanci Holding is expertised in energy business in Turkey and around the world. For more than half a century, Kazanci Holding takes a long-term strategic focus as it pursues growth in the energy sector.



Aksa Presentation


Aksa Energy

Turkey’s biggest independent power producer with more than 2,000 MW of installed capacity.

Aksa Natural Gas

Having acquired its first natural gas distribution license in 2004, Aksa Natural Gas has became Turkey’s biggest natural gas distributor and have 20 distribution licenses of the country’s 60 licensed territories.

Aksa Electricity

Serving about 3 million subscribers in two distribution regions and distributing electricity to end users.

Aksa Tourism

Aksa Tourism manages 3 hotels in Turkey with over 2,000 bed capacity. Mirada Del Mar Hotel (5 star) located in Antalya, Mirada Del Lago Hotel (4 star) and Mirada Del Monte (3 star) located in Kayseri & Erciyes.

Aksa Agriculture

Aksa Agriculture produces meat and milk in accordance with the EU standards on 25,000 acres of land, which is in Inanli (Tekirdag) and Gelemen (Samsun) that are the 2 biggest farms in Turkey.

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